Your Best Chance,
Of Being Approved

An independent management/processing company, NOT a lender or broker, AcQuired Loan Solutions (AcQuired) has been trusted by patients for over 15 years.

We afford the best chance for approval, because we stay current with the different credit score requirements of lenders, to know which one(s) can accept your score! You're otherwise applying blindly, which can lower your score, and lessen your eligibility for credit, every time you apply to a lender directly.

AcQuired can search more lenders, to serve patients at more credit levels, and offer the widest range of payment options. We're not paid by any lender to "push" their program, and you're not obligated to accept any credit offer we may help you secure.

We work for you, NOT the lenders, and in appreciation for using our services, we'll send you a "Get Away To Paradise" Reward Certificate, where any credit offer we may help you secure, is used toward the cost of your cosmetic procedure.

AcQuired Loan Solutions

To help you get the credit you need, AcQuired stays current with the approval criteria and credit score requirements of lenders, starts with the most lenient lender(s), and offer insights into patient financing that lenders do not. Like, what they look for, the Pros & Cons of their payment plans, how and when to use a co-signer, and how to be more attractive to lenders. Our primary objective is to help you secure credit, and we can even refer you to lending sources outside the standard patient financing network.

We are here to help

Based on the information we collect from patients, and our knowledge of how financing works, AcQuired determines which credit issuer(s) offer the best chance for approval, and then functions as the patient's agent to help them apply. We also stay current with interest rates and payment plans of credit issuers, and we sincerely welcome the opportunity to discuss their relative Pros & Cons, to allow patients to make a more informed decision.